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 Key Signature and Time Signature

Computer music playing with expression is one of the hardest things to accomplish.  This video is an introduction to using music notation to play scores with more expression.  Pizzicato is a midi sequencer with a notation interface or GUI. This video covers the Key Signature and the Time Signature.  Pizzicato has many features to help you compose, print and/or learn music.  This videos will give you a good introduction to how Pizzicato can help you make music.

Please be aware these videos can take between 1 and 3 minutes to load.

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Key Signature and Time Signature

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The Pizzicato User Manuals and Music Course

Pizzicato Light

Pizzicato Light for Learning Music

Pizzicato Choir

Pizzicato Choir for Choir Music

Pizzicato Guitar

Pizzicato Guitar for Guitar music TAB and Notation

Pizzicato Keyboard

Pizzicato Keyboard for Keyboard Instruments Music and Notation

Pizzicato Soloist

Pizzicato Soloist for Solo Instruments Music and Notation

Pizzicato Drums and Percussion

pizzicato Drums and Percussion for Drum Music and Notation

Pizzicato Composition Light

Pizzicato Composition Light for Learning to Compose Music

Pizzicato Beginner

Pizzicato Beginner: Music and Notation for up to 16 intruments

Pizzicato Notation

Pizzicato Notation for Writing Musc Notation for any Instrument or even a Symphony

Pizzicato Composition Pro

Pizzicato Composition Pro has every Composition Tool Pizzicato offers

Pizzicato Professional

Pizzicato Professional: the Complete Music Composing, Music Notation, Music Printing Software